Pumpkin Dough Buns

I cannot explain why, but pumpkin continuously serves for me as an inspiration for non-traditional application of ingredients. This time I kneaded a dough on a pumpkin puree. The result was simply amazing – soft and supple dough, with sun-yellow color, fragrant and tender. This dough keeps a fresh taste for a long time and could serve both for sweet and salty pastries.

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600-650 gr. flour
350 gr. pumpkin puree
1 tsp dry yeast
1/2 tsp salt



  1. Cut the pumpkin into small cubes and put in a pan
  2. Add 1 glass of water and a bit of salt
  3. Steam until tender
  4. Turn into a uniform puree using blender


Mix all the dough ingredients in a bread maker machine, using program for preparing dough. Alternatively, you can mix all ingredient by hands, and knead in the mixer until obtaining a uniform, slightly sticky mass. Then take a bowl, spray a bit of oil on it and leave the dough for fermentation for about an hour (covered either by nylon wrapping or a simple kitchen towel).

Making the buns once the dough is ready:

  1. Prepare the surface for rolling the dough – sprinkle some flour to avoid stickiness
  2. Turn the dough into a flat sheet using a rolling pin
  3. Divide into 16 parts, smear a bit each part, put inside the filling (of your choice) and wrap into a bun shape
  4. Let the buns “rest” for 30 minutes and then bake them (for 30 minutes as well) at 190C


In the illustration above the filling is made of baked eggplant and goat cheese.

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Did you like this recipe? Do you think that you are going to cook it anytime soon? Have you already tried it?

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