Home-made Cucumbers in Brine

Many people prepare home-made marinades. Cucumbers in Brine is, probably, one of the simpler and tastier home-made marinades ever invented. Below you can find my version, heavily influenced by my mother, but, as always, modified and adjusted to my own taste.



Cucumbers (the amount should be chosen accordingly to the jar you have for marinating)
1-2 garlic cloves
1-2 sprigs of dill
Small horseradish root

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Yellow Cherry Tomatoes in Brine

Sometimes its great to repeat things you’ve already done, but with different ingredients.
Since the agriculture has developed lots of variations of Cherry Tomatoes (see, for example, the Tricolor Cherry Tomato salad as a reference on how to combine different types for a greater effect), I did some experiments with the kinds I’ve managed to find at different Farmers Markets.

In this case I have made my Marinated Cherry Tomatoes (see the original recipe for all the details) with yellow cherry tomatoes. The yellow ones are completely different from the red ones, and the result is different: these ones are much more “watery” therefore, when made in brine, they simply “explode” in your mouth…


Try this with the original recipe, the sensation is absolutely different….