Cheese, Rosemary and Garlic Puff Pastry

‘T was the day after XMAS and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

Seriously, it was a morning after some holidays (and holiday meals) and all I’ve had left in the refrigerator was leftovers – some cheese and sheet of ready-made puff pastry dough. Apparently, this was enough to prepare a very quick (less than 5 minutes) and very tasty salty pie for breakfast.



  1. ~70 gr of hard cheese (Kashkaval, Parmesan or Grana Padano)
  2. 100 gr of soft Goat Feta cheese
  3. 100 gr of Sour Cream (9%)
  4. Small sheet of ready-made puff pastry dough
  5. 1 garlic clove
  6. 1 branch of rosemary
  7. 1 egg


  1. Grate the hard cheese
  2. Mix the soft cheese with the sour cream in a bowl and then add  the hard cheese, the egg and a crushed garlic clove. Mix everything thoroughly to obtain a uniform substance.
  3. Take a small baking form and put the sheet of the puff pastry on the bottom. Then pour in the mixture and decorate the upper surface with a rosemary branch.
  4. Bake for 30-40 minutes at 190C until the surface becomes brownish.

Bon Appetit!

P.S. Since this is a classical “leftovers” recipe, the cheese can vary. For instance, once, for a larger form I’ve used a cup of cottage cheese, 100 grams of hard cheese, 100 grams of feta-like salty cheese and a cup of “natural” yogurt with two eggs. In this case, adding salt is hardly necessary as the cheeses are salty enough.

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