Meet my wonderful wife Yulia!

Yulia is a well-established culinary blogger, her Russian-language blog (started in April 2010), DosGatos,  has hundreds of followers and her original recipes get commented on, quoted and re-posted by others.

This blog (DosGatos Kitchen) is a project I am undertaking, aiming at extending the audience for Yulia’s creative culinary and writing skills, by taking the content to the English-speaking audience. I will be translating her original posts, starting with instant classics, such as her sweet pumpkin pie or her boiled octopus, posting the dishes that have received most comments from her original readers.

At a certain point, I will show her the blog, hoping that she likes it, and she might start contributing English-language content herself.

Since I am insanely proud of my wife, I sincerely hope that exposing her work to wider audiences will help her realize her potential and take her culinary hobby to the next level.

February 2013


To avoid questions and misunderstandingsMy husband has shown me his effort in March 2013 and since then I’ve started working on this blog – contributing content to new recipes, replying to all of your comments, and, of course, cooking more dishes that might find their way to this blog one day….. 


9 thoughts on “About

  1. This blog is very organized and with great recipes. Wow this is a touching story, hope she likes it. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to her posts!

  2. Hi Yulia,
    Love your images & your site!

    I’m inviting you to showcase your lovely food images in our new food gallery site Delish Book (www.delishbook.com). Thanks for you support.


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