Wine Marmalade

Very fragrant and unusual marmalade. You’d never guess the main ingredient, as there are no traces of alcohol whatsoever in the resulting product. Done practically within minutes and doesn’t require any usual hard marmalade-making work. One important boundary that can’t be crossed – pectin is an absolute must.

The original recipe was using grape juice with a small comment that using wine is also an option. This has triggered my curiosity and this marmalade was created as a side for a pate.


In order to achieve this attractive pink color I took some figs and blanched them in dry white wine. Then I took the figs out (to prepare a cake) and used the resulting colored wine for the marmalade.


250 ml. dry white wine
200+50 gr. sugar
30 ml. lemon juice
1.5 tbsp. pectin
3 cloves (optionally)


Start with mixing 50 grams of sugar with pectin. Then bring the wine and the remaining 200 grams of sugar to boiling in a small pan. First add the lemon juice, bring to boiling again and then stir in the sugar-pectin mixture. After quick stir turn off the heat and let it chill. Actually, that’s all – the mixture will become a marmalade when it cools down. If you are looking for a more liquid result use less pectin.

Important note: if you happen to stir in the pectin without pre-mixing it with sugar, it will create lumps that you won’t be able to dissolve. Sugar helps it dissolve uniformly. Stirring in using a whisk contributes to the same cause – a uniform substance. 


 Try this marmalade with one of the below cakes:

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