3 variants of Watermelon Ice-cream Sorbet

The warm season is approaching, and, speaking from experience, having a decent ice-cream making machine at home is a huge asset. Cold watermelon or cold lemonade are among our favorite ways to cope with warm weather, and combining them into something could only make it even better 🙂


Mint – Watermelon – Nectarine Ice-Cream

(Nectarine is a close relative of a peach, but with a different type of skin)

250 gr. watermelon “flesh”
150 gr. nectarine “flesh”
Leaves from 2 mint branches
1-2 tbsp. lemon juice

80 gr. sugar (depending on the natural sweetness of the watermelon)

Lemon – Watermelon

400 gr. watermelon “flesh”
2 tbsp. lemon jam (originally – “confiture“)
70 gr. sugar

“Just” Watermelon

370 gr. watermelon “flesh”
30 gr. any kind of fruit liqueur  (like, Passoa or Alize)
100 gr. sugar

The process for all of them is really simple – mix all ingredients in a blender and freeze / turn into ice-cream in an ice-cream making machine.


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